Connecting People, Connecting Nature

No matter where you live or what your outdoor space, you’re invited to share in the benefits of nurturing urban nature. Natural Neighbours is a new charity dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and supporting people who want their homes and workplaces to work in harmony to create wildlife-rich neighbourhoods.

To find out more, please drop us a line: hello@naturalneighbours.org.uk

Our vision is of towns and cities reaching their full potential to buzz, bloom and sing with wildlife, benefitting the health and wellbeing of global climate and local communities alike.

Urban areas have massive potential to host an increase in wildlife and biodiversity – and studies show that access to nature in cities makes a huge difference to health, wellbeing and even crime rates. Natural Neighbours offers a solution that is connecting and accessible for everyone, not just those lucky enough to enjoy a private garden. From window boxes to balconies, terraces to private and communal gardens, it all counts!

Our approach: We blend a pioneering app and mapping technology with engaging community events. Together, these inspire and empower whole neighbourhoods to collaborate in nurturing wildlife and wellbeing.

Our USP is our focus on connectivity. No-one can create nature-rich neighbourhoods on their own. But by connecting the efforts of householders with those of schools, businesses, councils and community groups, we bring health-giving nature to everybody. 

“What a great idea Natural Neighbours is, helping to build communities that work together for local wildlife.”

Kate Bradbury
Award-Winning Garden Writer, Broadcaster and TV Presenter

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No-one can create nature-rich neighbourhoods on their own.

But by connecting the efforts of householders with those of schools, businesses, councils and community groups we can bring health-giving nature to everybody.

Here’s how it works –

The ScienceWe’ve identified several focal species that are highly charismatic and that, between them, represent the habitat needs of all the other great wildlife we could attract to our neighbourhoods.

The app: You observe habitat features in your outdoor space (at home or work, school or play) and record them onto our map. The map shows the gaps and opportunities for habitat improvement in your neighbourhood for each of our focal species. For example, where there is a need for particular food sources, water or shelter.

The events: Our inspirational in-person events at shared neighbourhood settings (like schools or community gardens) showcase a range of simple and affordable actions you can take to nurture nature in your outdoor space, connecting with others across the neighbourhood.

The goal: Our events, app and resources work together to establish networks of nature-nurturers who are informed, connected and supported to help wildlife flourish. As time goes on, Natural Neighbourhoods grow and spread, creating whole cities that buzz and bloom to their full potential.

“We’re looking forward to working with Natural Neighbours – encouraging local communities to share their experiences, excitement and ecological discoveries.”

Caroline Woodley
Mayor of the London Borough of Hackney

Meet Our Team

Julian Kirby

Lauren Mills
Trustee – Education, Community & Inclusion

Siôn Elis Williams
Trustee – Digital Innovation & Connectivity

Caroline Loden
Trustee – Finance and Governance

Vicki Hird
Trustee – Policy & Ecology

Denis Fernando
Associate Trustee – Networks & Politics

Kirstie Beaven
Trustee – Media and Communications

Annwen Johnson BEM
Trustee – Neurodiversity, Diversity and Inclusion

The synergy at the heart of Natural Neighbours, of social networks of wildlife gardeners creating ecological networks of habitat, is absolutely brilliant.

Tom Oliver
Professor of Applied Ecology, Research Dean for
Environment, and author, University of Reading