Siôn Elis Williams, Trustee – Digital Innovation & Connectivity

Siôn has deployed cutting edge technology and tactics across a range of environmental justice issues at Possible, Friends of the Earth and now mySociety, earning himself a reputation across the movement for his solutions-focussed ingenuity. In his current role Siôn is endeavouring to understand the potential of civic technology to contribute to climate movements, with a keen focus on catalysing local climate action particularly via the pivotal role of local government.

Based in Caerdydd/Cardiff, Siôn has played basketball for Wales, is a ‘recovering chef’ who describes himself as a bit of a foodie, is passionate about nature and rewilding, and is fluent in Iaith y nefoedd (also known as Welsh, “the language of heaven”), management jargon and environmental acronyms. Siôn is also a trustee at Tir Natur Cymru, AdFree Cities Cardiff and Cardiff National Park City.